Understanding (SEO & PPC) Analytics

Helping you understand your visitors and increase performance.

A big part of improving your search performance, is learning about what currently works for you. A lot of clients we talk to, have no real idea about the importance of analyzing traffic, keywords and conversion data before starting their new search campaign. This is why we recommend installing Google Analytics, if you don't know how to, one of our team will go ahead and help with the setup. Once installed, the information we can help you gather, will be invaluable in helping us to optimize your campaigns for maximum benefit to your business.

This is an essential first step, which most other companies tend to ignore initially. However, we stick by this and we will educate you on how to understand the complex sets of reports, that Google Analytics can deliver, as well as how to setup specific goals and automated reporting to suit your business.

For more information on Google Analytics, please visit their website. To workout how we can help you truly understand your customers and to increase both your conversion ratios and volumes, commence a live chat with one of our Qualified search experts. 

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Benefits Of Analytics

"Understanding your visitors and how they interact with your site, allows Loveclients to make more informed decisions which ultimately drives more sales and higher conversion rates for you. Your search campaigns will be targeted to visitors that convert and ultimately, you gain a greater understanding of the key reasons why your visitors convert into customers, which allows you to build a more profitable and sustainable business." James, AE - Loveclients Inc

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