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Chances are, you have never heard of us. In fact, we're the type of company that won't really ever become 'famous'; as we're the team behind the team of many of the successful business' that operate online. We have no doubt however, that you have heard of; and most probably visited the sites of many of our clients. It's our job to ensure they obtain just the right amount of visibility online.

Internet Marketing is an exciting sector - and we live for this industry. We're truly passionate about what we do, and strive every day, to be at the top of our game. Loveclients is a premier search engine marketing agency, specializing in paid search (pay-per-click) marketing and search engine optimization(SEO). We are an energetic and creative team, focused on getting clients' websites found in the major search engines - boosting their traffic, and hence their revenue.

We have extensive experience delivering exceptional return on investment to clients across a wide range of varied industries. Our SEM clients operate in more 30 countries across the globe. We are a global player, with local knowledge.

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The directors established Loveclients after their innovative work within the traditional media arena, and the online creative production industry. Producing more websites than we would ever care to count, for brands that operate on all continents.

Loveclients started with very humble beginnings in a small studio space with a couple of notebook computers and a few key clients, all of whom are still customers to this day. The agency has since grown to accommodate our clients need for 24x7-365 service including the hire of several key team members; whom have stayed with the company through its expansion.

Our Search Marketing campaign managers are experienced in handling large campaign spends for some of the webs most successful websites; however, our focus is not on 'big business'; we are here to assist clients of any size & are pleased to offer the same pricing and service guarantee to all of our clients, regardless of size or advertising spend.

And it's all delivered by your dedicated Loveclients Support Team with 24/7 - 365 support. We never close.

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