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SEO doesn’t happen with one person sitting in front of a computer for a few days, working some magic and seeing instant results. It takes something more than that — a group of people working together. Look at it like this:

SEO is Like Building A House.

It’s all about the skill sets. If you’ve got a house to build — or a website to promote, a product to sell, or an ad campaign to run — there’s no switch you can flick on that will suddenly “SEO” your business. Building a house takes more than assembling a few pieces of wood, just like running that perfect campaign and getting real conversions takes more than just placing a few online ads and writing an article or two.

It Starts From the Ground Up.

If your site is built on a great foundation, it’s a joy to optimize. That’s why we don’t just “do SEO”, we build fantastic websites too. A company that knows how your house is constructed — its strengths, its weaknesses, and everything in-between — knows how to get the best from that house.

Our developers and designers aren’t just good, though. They’re part of the entire team, and their skill sets — at making standards-based websites that search engines love — are what allow our other experts to do their jobs, and do them well. The same goes for every single team member.

No One Person Does Everything.

That’s the key — while one person could theoretically build a house on their own, the end result would be very different — and a lot slower — than a well-coordinated team effort.

Instead, we work in wonderful parallel. Our campaigns — from start to finish — run like perfectly tuned, beautiful machines.

A Real-Life Example Of How We Work in Sync.

While every campaign is different, here’s an real example of how we bring a campaign together, so that the pieces of your marketing strategy just work, and do so at the ideal moment.

  1. Your website gets constructed with industry-standard best practices. Built from the ground up with solid, reliable content management systems with huge amounts of community support, your site is built to last.
  2. Now our strategy planners start studying your competition and the nuances of your niche, and getting data from the research group on what keywords are ripe for targeting.
  3. And here comes a full conversation on content, where you speak with our editors and decide on a proven strategy together. The writing team then dives in, creating hand-crafted, original content to promote your business and build an online following, all while targeting those essential keywords.
  4. Get ready for the linkbuilding team. They swing into action, getting top-notch article marketing from our writers, and getting your site’s name (and all-important) links from those relevant, high-quality partners. This does wonders for your ranking.
  5. Now you’re live, online, and your analytics data starts rolling in. It comes from both your on-site traffic and any pay-per-click campaigns you’re running — and all of this is digested by the search experts, who then send it company-wide.
  6. Now the whole team is in sync. All this new, vital information about your visitors — and customers — is relayed to everyone, who run with it in different ways: the writing team adjust their content to make it resonate further with your audience, the strategy planners continue to hone in on the highest-performing keywords, and our lightning-fast web developers make ongoing changes to your site, basing each precise adjustment on the copious data flowing in from your visitors and campaigns.
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