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Different Engines for Different Markets

Google isnt the only search engine in the world. Sure, its got a huge market share in the US and most of the main, internet-using Western countries, but its not #1 everywhere. And thats important to know.

Where is Your Traffic Coming From?

It all depends on whats right for your business. And just because a big chunk of your current search engine traffic might be coming from Google, doesn't mean that there arent dozens of other places you can find new traffic.

In Some Markets, Search Engines You've Never Heard of Are #1

Do you know Yandex? What About Baidu? The former is the #1 search engine in Russia, while Baidu has the biggest share of Chinas massive, still-emerging market. And thats only two of them  there are literally dozens more that might be relevant to your offering.

Youve Gotta Know Where to Target

Targeted SEO efforts towards alternative search engines can yield big results. But you need expertise  mostly everyone knows a little something about Google, and probably even uses it on a daily basis.

But if you're looking to pull traffic  and business  from countries where Google isn't dominant, you need an experienced partner that knows the landscape.

That means working with a company that knows its way around the alternatives to AdWords  like Bing and Yahoo!s offerings, for example  and one that has access to native speakers who can setup and manage your accounts on foreign-language search engines, too.

Running A PPC Campaign on Another Search Engine Can Be Highly Effective

Google is bursting with your competitors. Its the market leader. That's what happens when a huge amount of traffic comes through one place.

And yes  there's no doubt your business can get great results from a well-run PPC campaign on the AdWords platform  we can help you do it.

But sometimes your money will go even further when you're able to bid on a highly targeted, very effective keyword that isnt within AdWords. To fully take advantage of this, you need a few things:

  • AdWords Experience: Theres no question that the best market research, metrics, and analytics come from Googles systems themselves. Talk to us about our long-running PPC campaigns  we've learned a lot about what keywords work best, in hundreds of different contexts.

  • Skill With Different Platforms: Understanding how to read the massive amounts of data one can glean from Google analytics  and how to take that data and get a competitive advantage on another PPC platform  is how you get the most value for your money.

    A team thats comfortable across multiple platforms, experienced, and fast  that's a team that gets you serious results on your advertising investment.

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