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Managing a Search Engine Marketing campaign requires an entire team of specially trained individuals, all with their own unique skill set & responsibilities. To ensure all clients are serviced promptly, and efficiently, we have created a client support team structure for each and every account. Regardless of the size of your Search Marketing needs, our support team structure can manage your account.

No need to worry about connecting through to foreign call centers, nor having to deal with a different team member every time you require something. Our individualized support team structure is set up specifically for you.

Think about this: Every client is different, each with their own specific SEO & PPC management requirements, so how could one team possibly service all clients? Simply put, they can't. Hence, our approach to individualizing a team based on client specifics. You have a dedicated Loveclients Support Team that's built around you and your needs. It's the Team's responsibility to know and understand your campaign, your goals and you. Your Account Manager is your single point of contact at Loveclients and is accountable for ensuring all of your ad placement needs are met. Working alongside your Account Manager - your Business Development Consultant, Adwords Specialist, Support Technician, Yahoo Search Marketing Specialists, Billing Specialist and analysis team. Combining years of experience and unrivaled expertise, they all work together to give you peace-of-mind & produce the best results possible.

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